West Chester University SDS

Here is a short reportback from a member of WCU SDS:

We are in the early stages (We’ve only been around for about a month) but we’ve already held some large and small events, picketing at the post office on tax day, and a few peace demonstrations including drawing chalk outlines of bodies on the steps of the student union and anti-war slogans on the Quad on the day of the college republicans “Support Our Troops” rally (the administration loved that), as well as handing out flyers about recruiters…   The Chapter organizing has gone really well, we’ve had a lot of support students (and faculty surprisingly)  and are growing quickly.  our facebook group has about 50 members, although usually only about 10-25 come to meetings depending on the day because this is a bad time of year.

Some of the issues/projects this chapter is working on include: University bylaw reform, antiwar actions, anti-recruitment actions, tax resistance education, advocacy of participatory democracy, local unionization, environmental action, drug law reform, prison system reform

If you would like to reach this chapter you can find them on Facebook or contact Andrew Barrett at ab665276[at]wcupa.edu.


Eastern Connecticut State University SDS

We have seven members so far, many of whom are interested in Green Party initiatives, helping the community through programs such as Food Not Bombs, and pursuing counter-recruitment on campus next semester.

We will also try to keep in touch this summer over the Internet to at least plan for meetings this fall. Since we will probably not become an official campus club, we may eventually become the Willimantic CT SDS.

Other than that, the Eastern Connecticut State University SDS hopes to keep in touch with local chapters and other programs such as Connecticut Opposes the War (COW) to stay aware, active, and help however we can. To stay in touch with ECSU SDS you can email me at rebecca.obern[at]gmail.com.

Welcome to the new SDS Chapters Blog!

This site will be a regularly-updated space for SDS Chapters from around the country to post Reports!  Check back often to find out what is going on in SDS-land!