Temple SDS Reportback

Temple SDS was born in September of 2007 after Joanna Grim and Ian Smith began attending Progressive Student Union meetings. A month later, the two founders kicked off the DISorientation campaign along with three other progressive student organizations. This campaign made fourteen demands to the university’s administration, including the cessation of gentrification practices, and a tuition freeze. This resulted in a couple news articles for Temple SDS.

Temple SDS began the recruitment phase to up its members in February 2008. They sponsored and aided an anti-war community rally and picnic in April with two other local organizations, New Jerusalem and Grannies Against the War.

A month later, Temple SDS kicked off the Student Debt Relief campaign with a tabling event called Debt Roulette, which was a demonstration to raise awareness of the rising cost of education. Students passing by were able to see that student debt does not have to be tolerated. An after-party was held to welcome new people to the chapter.

With newly arriving SDSers from Lancaster, September will kick off a groundbreaking year for Temple SDS. They are planning to continue the Student Debt Relief campaign, and win a tuition freeze by November 2008. Slowly but surely, Temple SDS is establishing a fully autonomous university and a seamless student union.


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