Olympia SDS sitting in their administration building!

On Wednesday, May 21st, Olympia SDS began a heroic nonviolent occupation of the office of the President of Evergreen State College, to demand the re-instatement of their SDS chapter as a recognized student organization. The sit-in continues into its sixth day and Olympia SDS is not backing down.

Operating under its concept of dual power, Olympia SDSers decided to use the space they are occupying to create alternative and liberatory education and public space. On Memorial Day, Olympia SDS is calling for the first day of classes to start at the “People’s University”.

Supporters outside of the area are encouraged to call Wendy Freeman, who will make the final decision about the status of SDS next week, to tell her you support SDS and demand the group be reinstated.

Wendy Freeman Director of the Career Development Center



Please email olympiasds@riseup.net with questions or words of encouragement and love.


2 responses to “Olympia SDS sitting in their administration building!

  1. I am a graduate from 1977. In 1976 we also took over the college in an attempt to allow student initiated curricula into the offerings. There was a two day all college strike and several teach-ins.

    I would like to understand more of the context of the “removal” of SDS chapter and to be able to write to Ms Freeman with greater understanding of her thinking.

  2. Rebecca O'Bern

    I agree with Neil. I would love to write to Ms. Freeman once I know more about why SDS was removed.

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